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The Power of Purpose PBS Special – Los Angeles

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“Hosted by Life Reimagined in conjunction with PBS”

We all want to find purpose-our reason for getting up in the morning. Purpose is fundamental to human life. It gives us the will not just to live but to live long and well. The good news is, purpose isn’t a grand concept reserved for a gifted few but something each one of us already possesses, needing only to be uncovered.

Join executive coach, bestselling author and Life Reimagined thought leader, Richard Leider as he demonstrates the power of purpose and how the simple act of knowing one’s purpose can improve your health, reduce your risk of disease and make you happier and more productive. Attendees will be guided through personal reflection, insightful activities, and thoughtful conversations during this immersive experience.

Join PBS, Life Reimagined and Richard Leider to connect with others in your local community while discovering the next steps in your journey. (Re) discover what matters.

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