Inventure Expeditions

What is an Inventure Expedition?

An Inventure Expedition is not a trip but a journey “back to the rhythm” in Tanzania; to the place where original peoples on earth emerged. Back to the rhythm? Periodically we need to renew and revision our lives. Every decade brings new challenges and opportunities. Every life transition – success, failure, illness, divorce, retirement – requires us to unpack and repack our bags – to go back to our core.

Back to the rhythm offers a revitalizing blend of mindful hiking and meaningful inventuring as we explore Tanzania’s wild places. We make time to breathe fresh air, touch innocent ground, and sharpen our senses in the vast spaciousness of East Africa.

The next invitational trip is postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19.  More information on upcoming trips will be posted at a later date.  If you are interested in being considered for a future trip if one is scheduled, please email us through our Contact page.  (Note: The download PDF below is an example of a past trip itinerary.)

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