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Below is a library of some of the events Richard has spoken at in the local area and around the globe. If you have an upcoming event and would like to see if Richard is available to speak, please visit the contact section of our website and let us know the date and location of your event.

The Path of Purposeful Aging Interview

Dorian Mintzer with Revolutionize Retirement interviewed Richard on her monthly blog series.

Dorian is a retirement coach, consultant, and speaker helping people navigate the second half of life.

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Hudson Institute Author Lecture Series Interview

Richard was the featured author for the October 5, 2020 Hudson Institute monthly lecture series on the topic of “Purpose in Times of Uncertainty.”

The Hudson Institute conducts a monthly Author Lecture Series featuring authors who have written books on leadership development and coaching topics.

Why do you get up in the morning? Podcast Interview

Milena Regos with The Unhustle Podcast interviewed Richard on the topic of Purpose and Why do you get up in the morning? Richard talks about how to unlock your purpose with the Unhustle Community.

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How to Find Purpose in Life During Crisis and Change

Paul Long with interviews Richard for his popular podcast/vodcast series.  ProBoomer is reinventing retirement… providing information, ideas, and insights to launch boomers in a fulfilling and successful direction.

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High Performance Mindset Podcast Interview

Dr. Cindra Kamphoff interviewed Richard Leider for her High Performance Mindset podcast series.  Dr. Kamphoff is recognized nationally for her work and contributions to the field of performance psychology.

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The Big Know “Beyond Normal” Podcast Interview

Writer and thought leader on the art of living purposefully, Richard Leider, talks to Tom Godfrey about why purpose is so fundamental to our health and happiness. He shares his six-step process for discovering your purpose and living with a greater sense of purpose every day.

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I am Healthy and Fit Podcast Interview

Richard was the featured guest on Steve Jordan’s I AM Healthy & Fit podcast on 9/4/19 on the topic, “Unlocking the Power of Purpose.”

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Interview with Dr. Patrick Williams

Dr. Patrick Williams interviews Richard for his new program called “Getting naked with your clothes on.”

Your Purpose Checkup

In this video, Richard talks about a purpose checkup.

On Purpose Part I – Achieving The Good Life

In this episode, Richard speaks on “Achieving the Good Life”.

On Purpose Part II – Finding Your Calling

In this episode, Richard speaks on “Finding Your Calling”.

On Purpose Part III – Purpose “Retreats”

In this episode, Richard speaks on “Purpose Retreats”.