Stories on Purpose

From Stephanie Edge, Constellation Brands Women’s Leadership Development Program

“Your Calling Card exercise was such a profound experience for me, so enlightening, I think it’s just amazing, so insightful! Since Feb, I have taken the cards everywhere I have traveled (Australia, Europe, USA) and have shared them/the exercise with over 50 friends, colleagues, friends of friends, family members etc. I have even done it virtually, across continents where I hold the cards up to the camera and the person on the other side of the world tells me what pile to organize them into etc. (no need to even fly long distances).

I also did the cards with my hairdresser, and she thought it was so amazing that she bought a pack of her own cards and does the exercise with EVERY person who comes into her salon… at least 5-10 people a day.”


From James Moffat, Dare to Change (

“Having felt lost for some time, it was a turning point in my life when I reached 50, and have 3 small children under the age of 3 , living in a foreign country and not being able to continue in my international sales role.  Basically, the news of being fired, newly arrived twins and a demanding 3 year old, both my wife and I were off the radar in burnout qualification.

Being unemployed, I was given job coaching and the usual CV improvement techniques, all I thought as a waste of time, as I felt, besides having a family, what was the meaning of my life?  I wanted something else and to my surprise my coach said we could bend the rules a little (not easy living in Switzerland), and do something special to her. So, I jumped at the chance and 6 weeks later I knew what I wanted, but so much so, I wanted to help people (like me), find their meaning in life and not just an existence.

For the last 4 years I have be studying PURPOSE, MEANING and a bunch more, so I can get my feel for how I want to do this and be me and authentic and not the same as.  In everything to date, it was great and a massive learning curve, but I still felt that there was some elements missing. And only in the last month, when I listened to your audio book: ‘The Power of Purpose’, I was blown away with the way I resonate with you. 

I haven’t yet listened to your other books, but have listened to some of your videos. And your story when you rushed to the hospital for your dying Mother!  I feel the same, feel that if only I had the chance again, what would I have done differently and the answer is, to learn and understand ‘WHO I AM’ and then I would have found my PURPOSE for being.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your inspiring books, your stories, and the difference you are making. I also, would love to continue your good work and do the same as the world is in desperate need of PURPOSE and WHY we are all here.”