The Point of Purpose

Your purpose.
Your aim.
Your reason for getting up in the morning.

You may not have considered the first two items, but most of us have wondered about a reason to get up in the morning, at least occasionally.

Purpose provides meaning, direction and energy to your life. Without it, you might feel like you’re wandering aimlessly. With it, you can align your deeper intentions with greater aspirations, and tap into your truest, fullest potential. Find purpose. Live longer, better.

Unlike goals, which are tangible junctures along your journey, purpose is the driving force of your journey. It isn’t what you are aiming for, it is why you are aiming at all. It’s your own authentic mark on the world, the footprints you leave, the meaning you make, and the story you live. Your purpose is the reason you were born, and it can be what gets you out of bed in the morning.

There will be distractions that keep you from your purpose, whether those are people, commitments, or struggles. The reality of life is that it isn’t always easy to find and follow your purpose, but once you know your purpose, you can return to it and remind yourself of it when life throws interruptions your way.

If you are struggling to get started, Inventure has a guidebook just for you: Putting Purpose to Work. This little gem of a workbook includes exercises to help you write your purpose statement and then live it.

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