Why Write a Life Purpose Statement

Having a life purpose is fundamental to living a conscious life of your own creation.

•    Do you often yearn to use your “gifts” to contribute more to life?
•    Do you feel like you’re “majoring in the minors” – wasting time on things that are too small for you?
•    Do you desire to “major in the majors” – serve others in a larger way but don’t know how?
•    Do you ever wonder “is this all there is?”

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you’re probably ready to write your purpose statement.

A life purpose statement answers the question, “Why?”  It clarifies “Why do you get up in the morning?” It provides an organizing framework for your day-to-day priorities and choices.

A life purpose sentence is simply your “life message” – the message you wish to drive in the world during your short existence on Earth.

Your “Life Message”
How do you know if you’re living your life purpose or not?  Well, here’s a simple test:  Write one purpose sentence.  Then, ask yourself, how can I act on it daily?

Here’s an example from one of my coaching clients who recently “unlocked the power of her purpose.”

“I found my purpose this morning!  WOW! I feel different.  It really resonates when I say it aloud: I get up in the morning to help myself and other women discover their worth.”

What’s the Point?
So, what’s the point of the simple exercise?  Suddenly, life as you know will look different.  Your life/work situation may stay the same.  But who (and why) you bring to the situation changes everything.  Suddenly, you see a whole new possibility of “purpose moments” you never knew was there.

If you’re still pondering your purpose, here are some examples to ignite your imagination…

•    To help people stay in their homes as they age.
•    To help teenagers discover that being different is ok.
•    To be a spokesperson for civility on the Internet.
•    To build wood cabinets that bring beauty into lives.
•    To empower women to become great and not fear their own power.
•    To make people feel beautiful by styling their hair to express who they are.
•    To help people find love in their lives.
•    To educate people to achieve their best health.
•    To teach at-risk children the keys to success.
•    To help young entrepreneurs ignite their ideas.
•    To bring humor to people struggling with disabilities.
•    To grow organic food that helps people have vital lives.
•    To make each event that I photograph truly special.
•    To write and tell stories that illuminate ancient wisdom.

Your Default Purpose
And, if you feel stuck, use this “default purpose” in the meantime.  It’s comprehensive and universal!    “To Grow and to Give.”  Our growth determines our capacity to give!  As we grow, our impact becomes more powerful.  The power of purpose.

Share Your Purpose
When you have written your life purpose sentence, go to my website – – and send in your response.  I’ll share examples on the site.

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